History of SaLone in Perspective!

Some records of Earliest known History

Sierra Leone is a land with a complex history of refuge seeking and trade going back centuries. Before external interactions, the place presently known as Sierra Leone has had inhabitants migrating from other parts of the Guinea and inland west African subregion. Sierra Leone has always been a place influenced by politics and economic activities in other parts of the Upper Guinea coast and inland west Africa.

Present day Sierra Leone a place intricately connected to the countries of the Upper Guinea coast was influenced by migrations for trade and refuge from around the 9th century to as late of the early 18th century.

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The Rise and Duration of Koya Kingdom

The Koya kingdom was the last, multilingual but coastal Temne speaking, political economy to exist within the upper Guinea coast and which is a product of the collapse of the Mali Empire. It occupied the geographical area today known as Mano River Countries minus La Cote D’Ivoire. Koya covered present day Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and was a highly decentralised and flexible governance system that had different traditional systems influenced by Islam and Traditional social protections institutions, called secret societies ilke the Poro and others.

Koya’s influence which spread into the three Mano River countries was from recent migrants to enter from the northeast around the 15th century. these migrants made compromise with the people they met and adopted the Temne language as patois even though they had Mane background.
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